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'Party like a Guac Star' Pit bull Pajamas- Blue

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'Party like a Guac Star' Pit bull Pajamas- Blue

$39.99 Regular price $29.99
Unit price

Pitties are Nacho Average Pup! Snag these Taco and Margarita Jams for your favorite patio day sippin' margaritas with your best friend!


  • Stretchy, lightweight material 
  • Elastic underbelly ribbing
  • High cut tummy for potty time
  • Logo patch on chest

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash on cold.
  • Let air dry or tumble dry on low.

Return/Exchange Policy:

  • It's Easy Peasy! We accept returns within 30 days of purchase that are 100% fur-free, unwashed, and no dirt spots.

Customer Reviews

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Extremely comfortable

She's just sweet as candy!

Clover, my friends' dog, was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and needed to go in for surgery. With another dog in the house, my friends weren't sure if a cone would be enough to protect her surgical wounds, and made plans to get pajamas for her as a safe, cozy alternative. I volunteered to purchase them, and pink with a candy print describes how sweet and precious this girl is, so the choice was obvious.

At first, we weren't sure if she actually liked her jammies, or if she just tolerated them and preferred them over the dreaded Cone. Then, her humans needed to take them off to wash them. When they reemerged with the jammies clean and ready, Clover was overjoyed - she was so excited to put them back on, she was trying to jump right into them! Months later, she still loves them just as much. In fact, when 4th of July fireworks were stressing her out, my friends got the pajamas out again. Clover was so happy to put them on that she briefly forgot she was scared, wagging her tail and everything. In short, she doesn't just tolerate or even like them. She LOVES them, and so do we!

I'm happy to report that she is cancer-free post-surgery. Thank you so much to Pittie Clothing Co. for bringing all of us joy and comfort in such a scary time, and for adorable pictures for years to come!

Karen Murphy
Pittie Happy

Everything fits perfectly, the material is quality, I love the colors and patterns but I don’t count. My dog Jude is so happy with clothes on. She is a changed dog. Calmer, less anxiety, allergies are not as bad. The muscle shirts are what she is currently wearing.

Elizabeth Crutchfield

He loves them. It's solved some behavioral issues because he's able to settle. He likes tucking his paws into the sleeves for extra comfort.

Jaime Tillman
Two paws up!!

Tank loves his PJs! So easy to put on and take off and he stays warm in the ac. Two thumbs and two paws way way up!!! Already plan on buying more from here. JT and Tank

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