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Our Story

In 2014, on the way to the shelter, my boyfriend showed me a photo of a large, white pittie mix named “White Cloud.” I hesitated.  “Well, we can meet him and see,” I said. I didn’t know anything about pitbull-type dogs except all of the negativity I had heard in the media.

Thirty minutes later we met him and fell in love.

White Cloud - renamed Duncan - quickly made his way into our home and hearts. He loved everyone he met, fur babies and human babies alike! But,  I quickly understood that people reacted to him differently than they had to my childhood dog. They would cross the street when we were walking towards them. Tenants in our high rise would wait for the next elevator instead of riding with us.  We even overheard one woman tell her daughters, “Don’t pet him. He’s a naughty dog.” I was heartbroken.

I wanted a way for people to see him for his true personality, which was loyal, goofy, and loveable.  I thought dressing him up in cute clothes could spark conversation between myself and non-pittie lovers and give me an opportunity to change their minds. This was going to be my solution!  But after ordering some online, I couldn’t find anything that fit his large, barrel chest properly.

 Then the story got more complicated. Duncan had just turned 2 years old, and we took him to the vet because he was losing weight. The vet came in and told us they had found a tumor the size of a softball on his kidney, caused by a super rare cancer called renal fibrosarcoma.  I was utterly devastated by the news. After surgeries and chemotherapy, Duncan was able to enjoy another 7 months living out his best life, but ultimately we lost him to the disease.

Ever since we said goodbye to him, it has become my mission to spread awareness about breed discrimination.  I believe a line of accessories and apparel - designed with love and intention and featuring bright, fun prints -  can be a step towards changing people’s minds. It also gives other pittie owners and me the opportunity to talk about this amazing, misunderstood breed while chuckling over their wardrobe.  

In creating this line, I spent nearly two years meeting with many pittie lovers to measure and fit their pups. The goal was to create the perfect fit; easy to put on and comfortable for the dogs to wear. When people see pitbulls in our clothes, the reaction is incredibly endearing. This community has the biggest hearts and this movement has allowed me to form authentic friendships. I hope you’ll join me on this journey  to change minds. One dog and one person at a time.


With gratitude,

Erin Crowley

Founder, Pittie Clothing Co


PS -Meet our newest rescue,  Dougie!

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